India’s Progress and Initiative to Achieve Quality Education: Measuring and Tracking SDG 4

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Vanishree Joseph, N. V. Madhuri


Education is an important tool for development of an individual, society and for a country. Quality Education plays an important role in Sustainable Development of a country. Over a period of time, India has shown significant progress in increasing the overall literacy level. But, whether India is able to give quality education is a big question. The Sustainable Development Goal 4 “Quality Education” focus on the educational development of the country. To achieve quality education, India has to achieve the targets of Sustainable Development Goal 4. The Sustainable Development Goal 4 has 10 targets to achieve through various government schemes, New Education Policy (NEP) and with the assessment of NITI Aayog. This paper focuses on the progress and achievements of Quality Education in Indian States and Union Territories.

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