‘We can do it now!’: K to 12’s Influence on Self-Efficacy of Filipino Researchers

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Christy Ann M. Rahon, Vemma Mae R. Guinto, Dr. Elsa Q. Terre, Dr. Celso P. Resueṅo, Jr., Dr. Jun S. Camara


Baseline data to describe the ability of adult learners in research is indispensable for a successful curriculum evaluation. This study aimed to identify the level of perceived ability of college students in the Philippines who are graduates of the K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum, where a research-enriched Senior High School has been implemented. The study utilized a descriptive-status research design which employed a validated survey questionnaire administered digitally all over the Philippines from October to November 2020. Participated by 1250 participants from 9 regions and 27 provinces in the Philippines, the study revealed weak and strong areas of research ability of the participants. The authors concluded that the level of perception of the participants on their self-efficacy in research or ability-to-do-research is high. There is a strong implication that this result is due to the advanced subjects in research taken as part of the curriculum implemented in the Senior High School. Similarly, the authors are convinced based, on the findings, that writing a research report remains a concern in the next generation, as well as in statistical literacy as applied in solving research problems. However, recommendations for a targeted research curriculum audit and the establishment of a skill-focused school research committee have been recommended.

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