Export Performance Of Small Cardamom From India: A Perspective

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R.Aruna, M.P.Mahesh, D.Revathi


International trade is considered to be an essential parameter for a country to increase its revenue and growth. International trade also indirectly establishes a mutual friendly relationship between countries. Export of agricultural products contributes significantly to India’s foreign exchange. In particular, small cardamom referred to as the queen of spices brings huge revenue to India. Small cardamom is one of the spice varieties that are cultivated in few countries because of its climatic requirements. Due to its ideal climate, India is one of the countries pioneering in small cardamom cultivation and international trade. In recent years other small cardamom cultivating countries have increased their share of the international export market. This article presents a systematic study of India’s export performance in cardamom trade utilizing a scientific approach. This article also identifies and suggests some suitable measures to be taken in order to improve India’s small cardamom trade in international markets.

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