Internet Dependency and Emotional Maturity Among Management Students: A Study in Uttar Pradesh

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Prachi Rohatgi , Dr. Manju Singh


In the digital era, internet has emerged as a powerful medium for communication and exchange of information all over the world. Internet has both positive and negative impact on the social, political and economic fields as well as on lives of students. The dramatic increase in the use of the internet in the recent years has led to internet addiction. The degree of dependency on internet is leading to addiction creating a negative impact on the life of students. For internet users, it is the need of great importance to sincerely develop and become emotionally mature so as to oversee and manage their very own feelings and persistently cope up in all the circumstances. Emotions play a very important role in life of every individual. Emotional maturity may be defined as the balancing of internal development with the external reality. It is the capacity to deal with the circumstances without unnecessarily heightening them. Rather than trying to accuse other person for their issues or conduct, they try to fix the issue themselves. An emotionally mature person is capable well enough to adjust with every environment. Against this backdrop, present paper purports to examine the impact of internet on emotional maturity of college going students in Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh (India.).

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