India- China Relations: Problems and Prospects

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Kamal Kumar


India and China are the most populous countries on the globe, geographical neighbours on land and major powers in Asia. Both the countries seek regional and global influence through continued fast-paced economic growth and strategic ambitions. India has the top priority of neighbouring countries and the Indian Ocean in its foreign policy of South Asia.  The Government has formalized as a ‘neighbourhood first’ policy and paying visits besides encouraging, bilateral trade through strengthening regional associations. India – China relations dates back to pre Independence era. India signed the Panchasheel Treaty in 1954 with China and India’s relations with China were cordial and friendly with mutual understanding. However, relations became worse during 1962 with the result of the India-China war and the closing of bilateral relations due to border issue.  The process of normalization of relations and opening of Embassies started in 1976. The India China Joint Working Group was set up to promote bilateral relations, economic cooperation and boosting trade. However, India-China border issue could not resolve after several rounds of talks. Even though India had signed Shimla Pact with China in 1913 which was based on McMohan Line.  The recent developments in India-China relations are highlighting the vast scope of bilateral trade, economic cooperation and cultural ties despite the border conflict as both the courtiers have reciprocated to maintain peace and tranquillity on their borders.

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