Role of Artificial Intelligence Enable Technologies in Revolutionising Digital Marketing

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Kumar Gaurav, Ajith Kumar Shah, Dr. Akanksha Shukla, Jogeswar Mahato, Swaraj S Bharti, Nishant Sinha


Information technology and its applications have advanced rapidly in the recent decade. This has influenced both our perceptions of the world and how we do business. With improvements in efficiency, production, and the bottom line, both business and commerce have benefited from the wave of information technology. Productivity gains have made it possible to produce vast quantities of goods quickly and accurately. Emerging "third-platform" technologies like data analytics, mobile devices, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) are fundamentally altering how society and people interact. A microcosm of how new software solutions, machine learning, and big-data analytics are altering the game may be seen in marketing usage.

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