Intelligent Face Recognition System For Criminal Identification In Railway Station

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C.Ranjeeth Kumar, N.Janani , P.L.Abinaya, K.Archana


Face recognition technology is a biometric technology that uses a person's face traits to identify them. People take pictures of their faces, which are then processed automatically by facial recognition software. Face recognition is emerged as a promising future development direction with numerous possible applications. Face Recognition starts by extracting the coordinates of features such the length of the mouth, the breadth of the eyes, and the pupil, comparing the result to the measurements contained in the database, and returning the closest match. There are five stages in the suggested system. Pictures in the database are being trained. Caffe model for the face detection Techniques for feature extraction, resizing, and normalisation, and results based on comparison When you hear a voice, it's a sign of a problem. With the purpose of recognising people on a target list, automated surveillance is an important application of interest. This project uses an automated security camera to do real-time facial recognition.  This project's purpose is to compare one image to multiple others that have already been trained. In this project, We offer a methodology robust face identification in a real-time setting in this research. On the Open CV platform, we apply the Caffe model to monitor faces. The accuracy of face recognition is really high. Because the computation time is so short, the suggested system can correctly distinguish multiple faces, which is important for quickly searching for suspects.

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