Effectiveness of Moodle- LMS on the Academic Achievement and Student Satisfaction among IX grade Mathematics Learners

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Dr Deepa S. Kauts , Mrs. Navdeep Kaur


The COVID-19 has changed the norms of life whether these are social norms, workplace norms and educational norms. The increased usage of online teaching - learning tools is a new change in education. The new way of learning has been triggered by COVID-19. The teaching has direct effect on students’ performance and student satisfaction. So, there is need to conduct study to see whether online teaching affects student’s achievement and student satisfaction positively and negatively. The present study has been designed to see the effect of Moodle on academic achievement and student satisfaction of IX grade students. In order to conduct this experiment, 2 schools (One is PSEB and Second is CBSE) of Amritsar district were selected randomly. From these two schools, 460 students of IX grade of PSEB and CBSE schools were taken as sample to conduct this study. Raven Progressive matrices test of intelligence (1998), Achievement test (prepared by investigator) and student satisfaction scale (prepared by the investigator) were administered on selected sample. Descriptive statistics (Means, S.D’s,) and Inferential Statistics (t-test) were calculated to understand the nature of data and test the hypotheses respectively. This study indicated that treatment significantly effects the achievement of IX Grade students in mathematics. It means that teaching with Moodle learning management system significantly improve the performance of IX grade students. This study also indicated that the student satisfaction of IX grade students is significantly affected by the Moodle.

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