Employability Of Management Graduates And Challenges In Indian Higher Education

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Prof. Amruta Kirtane -Deshpande , Prof. Dr. Kirti Gupta


Education Will Help To Gain Knowledge, Enhance Soft Skills, Enhance Work Ethics, Enhance Trust, And Enhance The Social Network. You Feel That When You Earn A Degree, You've Taken A Big Step. You Gain Knowledge Through Your Education. In The Meantime, When You Start Working, Your Job Will Help You To Gain Experience And Skills That Will Help You Both In Your Profession And In Life As A Whole.

This Chapter Will Narrate About Various Critical Issues In Indian Higher Education And Employability Of Management Graduates. This Study Also Highlights About Published Research On Career Transition With The Context Of Gender.

Critical Issues In Indian Higher Education Range From Gradation Of The Taught Syllabus, Brain Drain Of Talent, Quality Of Education Offered Quota System And Polarization, Faculty Mobility, Communication Gap And So On.

Industry Expects Management Graduates To Have Basic Understandings Of Management Skills Application Orientation To Get The Work Done, Orientation To Perform Task Smartly Most Of The Time, These Expectations Are Not Fulfilled. While Recruiting Management Graduates Or Fresher, There Is Widespread Dissatisfaction Among Employers. There Are Several Things Wrong When It Comes To Focusing On Fresher Work, Mindset, Job Readiness, Job Behaviours, Taking Initiatives And Being Effective, Accepting Procedures And Protocols, And Being Flexible.

By Using Bibliometry Method It Was Observed In Co Authorship Analysis Only 24 Countries Have Done Research On Gender And Career Related Studies.Usa Has Published 24 Research Papers And No Indian Author Has Published Research Paper On Said Topic In Scopus Database.

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