Impact Of Information Technology On Banking Sector In The Indian Economic Development

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Dr. Renju Chandran , Sarath Chandran M.C.


Information Technology (It) Is One Of The Fastest Growing Areas In Indian Service Sector. Now A Day’s Information Technology Is The Foundation Of Course Of Development. Introduction Of Information Technology Pave Way For Development Through Millions Of Employment Opportunities, Infrastructural Development And So On. But, The Real Application Of The Information Technology In The Areas Of Economic Development Is Still Not Par With The Expectations. Every Sector Especially Banking Sector Has Made Use Of This Opportunity Especially In This Covid – 19 Pandemic Situation. Information Technology (It) Is Pretty Much Like Atomic Force. Whenever Bridled Appropriately It Can Introduce Quick Financial Turn Of Events And Make An Exceptionally Complex And Learned Society. The Investigation Targets Tossing Light And Digging Into Spaces Of Economic Significance Where Information Technology (It) Has Been Received In An Appropriate Way And The Territories Where Utilization Of It Is Altogether And Unquestionably Required.


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