Consumer Attitude & Preferences towards Online Shopping

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Dr N Srikanth Reddy , Angkita Borpatra Gohain , Dr. Neel Kamal Purohit, Archana Saikia


As the computer literacy is increasing day-by-day, the prospect of online marketing is also increasing. Since use of internet is independent of time and geographical boundaries in which millions of people are always online throughout the world hence, they all are potential customers in the online market. Seeing this vast customer market thousands of companies jumped in to the online business but it is important for the online shopping service providers to understand that Customer buying behavior is affected by numerous factors like age, gender, education, income, social class etc. therefore it is important to study, which factors influence online shopping behavior of customers.

The present study is conducted in the geographical boundary of Mumbai to know the attitude and preferences of the customers here towards online shopping. A sample of 200 customers from varied demographical characteristics like age, gender, income etc. A large portion of respondents were found to be using online shopping and attitude towards online shopping was significantly positive. The main factors for using online shopping are fast and immediate transaction, independence of geographical boundaries and time, variety of choices etc. While testing relationship between attitude towards online shopping and respondents’ demographic characteristics, no significant difference was found.

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