Entrepreneurial Awareness and Attitude among Students of selected B-Schools in Bangalore City

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Margaret Mary, Prof. Rajashekar H


Entrepreneurship is an important engine of growth in the economy. Although, there is a drastic change with regard to creation of job, yet problem persists especially with   graduates. It is essential to assess the entrepreneurial attitude of students to achieve the economic growth through the participation of creative work force. Accordingly the study investigated the attitude of  students of B-Schools towards establishment of new business and the attitude of their family and close friends towards entrepreneurship. Since students and especially graduate students form a significant portion of potential entrepreneurs, the study mainly aims to assess the level of entrepreneurial awareness among the students and to analyze the entrepreneurship environment provided by the institutions and also to measure the entrepreneurial attitude among the college students in selected B-schools. The present study was conducted based on primary data  collected through questionnaire.  The sample size for study is 100 students from selected three B-schools in Bangalore City. The paper focused on analysis of data based on normality test applied for parametric tests such as mean, standard deviation, correlation and regression analysis. The  results shows that majority of respondents strongly agree that students are fully aware and they have positive behavioral, cognitive and affective attitude about start up ventures education provided by the selected B-schools in Bangalore City.

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