The Adoption of e-SCM Adoption in Improving the Performance of the Firm

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Dinesh Kumar Pandey, Sunil Giri, Saurabh Srivastava, Rooplal Sharma


Information flow is the essential component of supply chain of the firm. The sharing of information and its accessibility motivates the firms to incubate the technologies that facilitate its customers. The main challenge of the firms is to adapt to the dynamic requirement to deliver its produce quickly to the customers, according to their expectations. The issues of synchronization of supply and demand may be resolved by involving e-SCM. The strategies to involve the technology managed by the use of internet and information about supplies, orders of customers, products/services and other business functions of supply chain management can improve upon the performance of the firm. However the issues in successful adoption of the e-SCM in the organization are based on multiple factors. The paper based on the empirical analysis explores the factors that are important in adopting the e-SCM. It further establishes that the performance of firms relies on the organizational factors that have impact on the usage of information system by emerging technology.

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