Evaluation of Efficient Data Visualization System for the Assessment of Similar Data Visualization Issues

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Anitha Julian, Shaik Mohammed Rafi, Om Prakash Singh, Veerraju Gampala, Monali Nitesh Shetty, A Sudhakar


Data Visualization approaches evaluation is an important task for the software and other industries. Often companies need successful visualisation methods with complex data and criteria that influence business decisions and persuade interested parties. This represents a similar problem in the development of a software prototype for Safety's revolutionary system with the goal of enhancing detection reliability through the use of multiple sensors and requiring an appropriate visualisation tool that meets all needs. The primary objective of the analysis is to analyse and filter the feedback of the current literature with respect to systems functionalities and various methods to explain the crude data with the aid of the developers and other team members. To test visualisation approaches in order to evaluate an effective process, define assessment criteria using corresponding metrics. The findings provide insights into how data visualisation tests for industrial problems can be conducted in real-time and the validation process can be used to evaluate an efficient data visualisation system. This research helps to accurately visualise their data by using similar technologies and offers a scientific approach for the assessment of similar data visualisation issues.

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