Low-cost Real Time Parameterized Monitoring System for Aged People using Virtual Instrumentation

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Shaik Shafi , Anusha.M , S Munavvar Hussain, Bharat Babu E


Due to the rapid change in the socio-economic condition and various health issues, elderly people need continuous monitoring and thus reliant on care takers. However, in real time continuous monitoring of an aged person by care takers is not possible all the time due to human errors. Towards this, there has been plethora of research done to monitor home alone elderly with wide range of smart technologies. Nevertheless, identifying abnormal conditions due to sudden fall is still a challenging issue. Thus in this work, a  low cost real time parameterized monitoring and fall identification system using LabVIEW is proposed. With the help of smart technology using Labview, we can measure those parameters by using sensors like Accelerometer, ECG sensor, Temperature sensor, spo2 sensor. In this system, the accelerometer will help us in fall detection. Whereas ECG, temperature and SPO2 sensors are used to measure the heart rate, temperature and oxygen levels of a person. In addition, an Arduino UNO is also used for further processing like, storing the measured values in the cloud and to notify concerned persons through GSM module in case of abnormality of any parameter is detected. Finally, entire readings of the sensors can be displayed in LabVIEW and published in ThingSpeak.

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