Model of Women's Participation in Development Planning in Jayapura Regency

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St. Fatimah; Muhammad Yunus;Hasniati


The purpose of this study is to model women's participation in development planning in Jayapura Regency. This study uses a qualitative method. Data collection was carried out through interviews and observations. The focus of this research is to describe the model and find a model for women's participation in development planning in the health sector, especially in the era of special autonomy in Jayapura Regency. The results showed that women were only involved or invited to planning at the village level and planning at the district level. Meanwhile, planning at the district level, which is the culmination of the women's development planning meeting (Musrenbang) or women's groups, is not involved. Women as a form of women's representation need to be involved in every planning stage starting from the village level Musrenbang, the district level Musrenbang to the district level musrenbang. The model of community participation in development planning in Jayapura Regency has not fully involved women in every stage. Recommending a development planning model in Jayapura Regency by forming an integrated musrembang forum consisting of all relevant stakeholders including women's groups. This forum is involved in every stage of planning. All stakeholders are involved in an integrated Musrenbang forum which is involved from the start of development planning starting from the Musrenbang at the village level, the Musrenbang at the district level to the Musrenbang at the district level.

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