Implementation Of Prayer As A Therapy In Handling Emotional Disorder By The Characters In Hikayat Inderaputera and Hikayat Ahmad Muhammad

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Rahman, N.S.A, Muhammad, S.J.N, Aris, M.A.M, Norsaliza Mohd Shuhaini


 Humans are inescapable from having struggle and conflict within one’s self. Such state sometimes leads us to suffer emotionally. If this problem being delay to be cured properly, thus this may lead to more unprecedented effects. The same causality is applicable to the characters in a literary text. Human characters in a literary text are also portray to have the emotional disturbances when they encounter with a particular problem or conflict. Therefore, when an individual faces some sort of emotional instability, he or she must be addressing it by taking the proper steps adequately. For Muslims, it is a pretty objective to practice prayer in overcoming emotional problems. This is because prayer is effective in emotional healing. In Islamic teaching, prayer a categorized as a good deed (ibadah) as incumbent upon Muslims. Therefore, this study will discuss the methods of praying as a therapy in addressing the emotional problem by the characters played in literary texts. This research employed a library search method and research data analysis upon the texts of Hikayat Inderaputera and Hikayat Ahmad Muhammad. The findings revealed the effectiveness of the prayer in overcoming and healing the emotion of characters. Furthermore, this research could educate and inculcate Muslims to practice praying when dealing with an emotional problem.


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