The Coronavirus’s and Social Restrictions Effects on Consumer Behavior New Normal Era: A Perspective Alphabet Theory

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Amelda Pramezwary , Juliana , Rudy Pramono , Cornelius James Rahardja , Raphael Adianto


Alphabet theory is a framework that combines several theoretical elements of individual consumers: norm belief value theory (V.B.N.), Attitude Behavior Context Theory (A.B.C.), knowledge (K), information seeking (I.S.), context (C), habit (H), and demographics (D). This framework proposes that demographics influence attitudes (values, beliefs, and norms) and are continuously updated by information-seeking behavior, knowledge, and context. In turn, context and attitude influence consumer habits, which in turn influence behavior. Explicitly, the use of the alphabet theory framework has not been widely adopted. The research objective was to analyze the impact of the coronavirus and social restrictions on consumer behavior in the new normal era of the food and beverage sector in Jakarta and Tangerang. The research was conducted by conducting a survey using an online questionnaire to live in Jakarta and Tangerang. The sample in this study amounted to 135 people—data analysis using PLS-SEM. Data analysis results show that the coronavirus has a positive and significant effect on consumer behavior in the New Normal era and social restrictions have a positive and significant impact on consumer behavior in the New Normal era.

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