Integrated Service Model in District as the Implementation of Government Regulation Number 17 of 2018 about District (A Case Study the Districts in Padangsidımpuan City)

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Muhammad Arifin Nasution , Indra Kesuma Nasution , Nurman Achmad


The Sustainability of public service implementation in Indonesia still in dynamic movement. The sustainability is intended so that the implementation of public service in Indonesia can be oriented civil services. Especially the existence in the existence of government management functions that are based on the effectiveness and efficiency of service quality as the dynamics of community demands and development challenges. The implementation has been stated in Government Regulation No. 17 of 2018. Although several regions have implemented the principles of integrated service for the public, the rules in the form of Mayor / Regent regulations which are in accordance with the new regulations have not been established, one of which is the City of Padangsidimpuan. The purpose of this research is to produce a model or design in the form of a Mayor's Regulation which can be applied to districts in implementing Government Regulation No. 17/2018 in Padangsidempuan City, North Sumatera, Indonesia. In this study, the implementation of PATEN uses the data triangulation method, namely the community, implementing officials and Focus Group Discussion (FGD). Statistical analysis as an analysis of variables represented by frequency distribution, data trends will be analyzed by classifying answers as many as 4 classes. Samples of 102 people, divided into six people per district. Based on the results of the study, the temporary conclusions that can be drawn are as follows: Padangsidimpuan City has a distinctiveness in the structure of government. As a city within its territory there is still a village government whose existence is sufficient to influence the socio-cultural conditions of the people of Padangsidimpuan City. The most significant role of the District so far is seen by the community as: 1. Administrative Institution; 2. Public Service Providers and; 3. Emergency response; 2. The ineffective role and function of the             sub-district in services is probably due to the limited authority given by the municipal government (mayor) to the district so that the district is a little "hesitant" to take action if problems arise in its area.


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