The Role of Local Institution in the Survival Strategy of Lapandewa Community AMID COVID-19 in South Buton District

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Dewi Anggraini , Nasruddin Suyuti , Bahtiar , La Nalefo


Free from hunger is a human right for everyone, but in reality, some people starve. Every time, television shows are adorned with reports of babies or children suffering from malnutrition, edema, and lack of food. This also happened to people in Southeast Sulawesi. Survival strategic of Lapandewa society in Buton Selatan district with local wisdom approach held by Sara Kadie (Indigenous device) to run the tradition of Bubusiano Sampe on Lapandewa Society of Buton Selatan district. Sara Kadie council who led by Parabela which can be likened to the position of Sultan who continues to run customary festivals and customary law. Sara Kadie is a local institution that until now still shows its role in the inner Buton society food security. One of the efforts to anticipate food shortages and crises in the Lapandewa society moreover in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic is to maintain a traditional tradition called Bubusiano Siampe. Bubusiano means flush, Sampe means harvest. So Bubusiano Sampe means flushing the harvest. Bubusiano Sampe held in Galampa (traditional house), since the sunrise, the people start to come together in a big crowd to bring their harvest such as corn and cassava that all this time saved in their house to be shown and submitted to the Parabela (indigenous leader) and to the entire indigenous device which next will be divided evenly to all head of families in Lapandewa village. Customary ritual in Lapandewa is a form of society’s food barn which is based on local wisdom. Food that been saved and divided evenly to the society later on processed into daily staple food ingredients both Kasangkola (Kasoami) and Sasahondo (Kapusunosu). Before getting know to the rice Buton society make Kasangkola and Sasahondo their staple foods, since a long time ago the society consumed kasoami in the Kadie which is led by Parabela which comes from Cassava and Corn Processing.

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