The Global Sociological Impact of Natural Disasters and Effect

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Dr. Zamokuhle Mbandlwa , Nirmala Dorasamy


Almost 100, 000 people lose their lives in natural disasters every year, disasters such as earthquakes, volcanos, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and droughts. World Health Organization records more than 150 million people that are affected by disasters. The purpose of this study is to show the impact of disasters on society. Further, the objective of this study is to expose the global sociological impact of natural disasters. The study found that the impact of disasters globally is dire and claim the lives of many people. Those who lost their lives because of disasters left a huge gap in their families and society as a whole. This leaves a society with a huge gap, people that play a significant role in society are lost and this is not controllable. The researcher applied a secondary research methodology to reach conclusions on the sociological impact of natural disasters. Issues related to global natural disasters and the impact thereof were available on different platforms for the researcher to reach informed conclusions.

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