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Prof. Dr.K.Devaki, Vishal.S.K, VigneshRaj.B, Vishalan.L


Road accidents are one of the most common reasons of fatality. The time between the occurrence of an accident and the emergency medical facility provided to the accident location is the important factor in the survival rates after the accident. Often the medical history of a patient is unknown which delays the treatment time. To reduce the time between the accident and medical facility provided One approach to eliminate that delay is to use Accident Detection using Raspberry Pi, which gives alert if the accident occurred and immediately notify the emergency services. The system's main application is to recognize the accident using the vibration sensor, and give an alert message to the respective places. Alert message includes location of the accident, vehicle impact side and details of members in the vehicle including their personal and medical history accessed via RFID tag. In this system, initially GPS continuously takes input from the satellite and stores the latitude and longitude values. To track the vehicle, we need to send the message to the GSM device, so that it gets activated. It also gets activated by detecting the accident on the vibration sensor and integrated together connected to the Raspberry pi controller. Once a journey begins RFID is scanned, the details are stored and if an accident occurs the latitude and longitude position known via GPS and RFID containing ID and password is sent to emergency services via GSM in SMS, whereby they can gain knowledge about patient history and inform insurance company using the information present in database securely.

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