Child Rescue Application using Blockchain

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Vidhupriya P, Lakshmi Priya, Lokesh Prathik, Keerthi S


In recent years, in our country many child kidnapping cases have been identified to be happened. Mostly target of the kidnappers is the abandoned child which may happen due to poverty or they lose their parents in some natural disasters. Even due to this current covid situation, many children are abandoned by their parents. We are in an urge to identify such children and extend a helping hand for them before they are kidnapped by social enemies. The complication in rescuing the abandoned child has many different aspects which comprises of legal issues and also the emotions of the relatives who are missing them. There is no proper rescue systems for finding  and helping such children. Even though many of us want to assist such children, due to lack of facilities and legal problems, many people's are afraid to involve in such cases. Due to such lack of facilities and awareness, many children have lost their lives or they have been forced to involve in many illegal business. To overcome such situations, In this paper, we have proposed a new child rescue application through which volunteers can help the abandoned child using their mobile phone itself. Through their mobile phone, the user can send the photo and the location of the abandoned child directly to the government officials. This application will helps to reduce the delay in identifying and reporting the abandoned child case. An automated mail will be sent to the government officials  which can be used as the proof by the volunteers so that they can also tract the case. The information about the abandoned child is stored securely using the Block chain technology.

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