Clearing Pathway for Ambulance using YOLO and Raspberry Pi

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Duraimurugan.N, Dr. S. Gnanavel, Abirami.C, Anto Jevin A V, Aravindan.S


In recent times, traffic congestion has been one of the most concerning factor. It not only affects our scheduled lives but also brings about a major threat to patients in need. Vehicle blockage could be a factor deciding the fate of one’s life. The goal of the project is to help the ambulance reach the nearest hospital in the least possible time quickly and safely. In order to achieve this traffic signals are being monitored and controlled, using microphone which distinguishes sound decibel level of ambulances to that of other vehicles. In addition to this, a camera takes pictures of jammed traffic signals for further verification. On successful detection, the signal will be made to turn green, hence clearing a pathway for ambulance.

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