A State-of-the-Art CONTACT TRACER device to identify Covid infections and secure persons through social distancing

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M.Shyam, Chekradhar V, Chittagati Dinesh, C.Sreenivasula Reddy, .J.Yogapriya


 The main area of research all around the world during this pandemic is finding a cure for COVID-19 disease. The pandemic has put up immense pressure on doctors and other medical personnel to work diligently. Their main aim is to treat all patients with utmost care as well as carry out research to find out a vaccine and cure. So, a definite protocol is to be developed which ensures safety for all. COVID-19 creates a chain and spreads to all people within a proximity circle. This is approximately estimated to be around 6 feet and that too for a very prolonged period. This spread is effected when an infected person either coughs, sneezes or even if he simply talks. Saliva droplets due to the above mentioned actions are forcibly launched into air, which can now easily land on other people nearby. The splattered droplets can be unknowingly inhaled into the lungs from where the infection originates. A recent survey indicates that all people who are infected do not necessarily display the symptoms. These persons now act as active carriers ands play a predominant role in spreading the virus.

This proposed model is designed in such a way that it is very compact and its primary feature is to give an automatic announcement to the user, whenever the user is out in public areas. The proposed contact tracer is an intelligent system that is mainly designed around an Arduino Uno processor that forms the primary component. The Arduino Uno processor is readily and easily compatible with both a Bluetooth as well as a zigbee module that play major roles in detection. ZigBee module used to transfer the persons numbers to nearby people, Bluetooth module will send that received number to mobile number and buzzer will hoot when we go near to anyone so we will maintain social distance as well. There are many ways to educate the people but maintaining the app and hardware is the combination to give the very fast accurate information to people, here we are proposing the new technique to trace the covid19 patients very quickly and they can view the positive cases around his current location.

Covid19 chain is very fast in spread we have to break the chain, on this way we are having the only way is to keep them in the quarantine, it is difficult to find the people who are in the covid19 chain. By our application very easy and fastest way to track the people and thus secure people from infection through social distancing. Also infected persons can be identified and quarantined. All data can be stored as reference in a cloud database, which can be used later for the effective functioning of the contact tracer device through comparative data analysis.

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