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S.Jagadeesh Babu, Komala.M , B.Girija, Keesarapalli Sri Veena Nickitha Chethana, J.Yogapriya


 In current years, the advancement of innovation has been quickly improving and applying in hydroponics, otherwise called water cultivating. A flexible, progressed Fish cultivating dependent on Raspberry pi. A pH sensor, temperature sensor, water level sensor, turbidity sensor are utilized here to screen the abrupt strange change in the state of the FISH lake. Other than that, Raspberry pi is utilized as a worker to control all the sensor hubs in this framework. The framework additionally sends an alarm message through SMS administration to provoke the client when required or to screen the framework on the cell phone. Hence, time utilization, labor, endeavors of the rancher can be decreased. The proposed configuration has been effectively arranged with a reliable, quick reaction and simple to use with an amicable climate. It is fitting for little to moderate sized cultivating tasks as it doesn't need any renovating of the water front. In this work, a remote sensor stage is created, applied to the estimation of temperature, pH and water level in the climate FISH lakes. The control stage comprises of Raspberry pi to control all the framework. Then, at that point the man-made consciousness framework is created to accomplish information from sensor network anyplace through web application just as Android application. The framework is checked continuously and can be controlled physically or naturally.

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