Measuring the Critical Influencing Factors for student decision making on higher studies to Study Abroad

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Aravind Arasavilli, Dr. M. Kishore Babu


India is the second leading country to send the students for Abroad Study after China among the world. The present study focus on critical influencing factors for student decision making process of higher studies to Study Abroad. A Questionnaire was prepared with 32 items of different aspects to cover student intension and motivations to abroad study on Five point Likert Scale. 1476 responses were received from south Indian participants. Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) is selected with Principal component analysis found that four-factor structure comprising 79.07 per cent of total variance was observed between the items. Four key parameters were Institution quality and reputation, Entertainment and facilities, Opportunities and Requirements, worth of study and financial issues identified. Factor analysis provided support for the reliability of the questionnaire by evaluating Cronbach's Alpha value. Descriptive statistics relieved that Mean and Standard Deviations of all items in the study. Influence of gender preference in selection of abroad study is studied. Study results will be useful for policy makers and educational consultancy to know influencing factors of student choices and motivations for abroad studies.

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