Design of an Autonomous Aerator System for Aquaculture Applications

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R.Venkatesan, Dr. R. Senthil Kumar, Dr. E. Sathish


Technological advancements in Aquaculture system controls important variables and aids an improving production. This paper presents a robot which has sense to understand sediment oxygen demand. It aerates by considering sediment oxygen Demand (SOD) of the waterbody. The aeration is a wave generation microbubble aeration that aerates by a mechanism at the sediment-water interface (SWI). This helps to reconstruct the oxidized layer. One module can aerate up to 1 hectare of the Aqua-pond. It transfers rate of oxygen to water from air is twice of blower and micro bubble tubes. Automation for mechanical setup through electronic box (microcontroller, sensors, communication components, etc...) by using this device we controlling and monitoring the aerator 24/7 scenario. Once the parameters (DO, PH value, ammonia, etc..) got reduce in waterbody immediately our sensor will act and switch-on the equipment, again the water parameters got standardized it will switch-off automatically. Even it will run without any observation by fixing time on the daily regular basics.

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