HTML Content and Cascading Tree Sheets: Overview of Improving Web Content Visualization

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Apoorva Ganapathy, Siddhartha Vadlamudi, Alim Al Ayub Ahmed, Md. Shakawat Hossain, Md. Aminul Islam


The database system has contributed immensely to the present state of web pages and caching. Also, there are so many layers in broad-spectrum for catching numerous web content with culmination with extension .html, XML, .json, .txt, .jpg, .pdf, .png, .gif among others. Examples include web servers, content delivery networks, etc. But, these commonalities of presentational HTML cannot separate HTML content, which enables HTML documents harder to create, reuse, maintain, and tailor. Hence the objective of this study was aimed at cascading cache layer in a content management system using cascading tree sheets (CTS), an insubstantial language for unfolding the presentational aspects of page strategy that the commonalities of presentational HTML cannot characterize. To address the purpose of this study, we chose to address the implementation of cascading tree sheets and selection in the cascading cache layers in content management. The result showed the essential uncomplicatedness of cascading tree sheets by extracting its directions downcast to 2 tree processes that are related to the device and have helpful derivation preserving features.

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