Multidimensional Metric Model (MANET-SPR) for assessing the effectiveness of the MANET Configuration

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K. Purnima, Dr. M.N.Giriprasad


In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) the mobile nodes are connected and associated usually on an ad-hoc basis. Due to the nature of the formation of the network and connectivity, it is important to assess all the packets and associated metrics in order to find the vulnerabilities and optimal configuration of the network. The multidimensional metrics and models are the ways and means through which the existing MANET network can be analyzed for its optimality. So, it is important to develop an appropriate multi-dimensional evaluation framework for assessing the optimal configuration of MANET. This paper aims to present the basic introduction about MANET, the metrics, exploratory and some of the key variables collected from the real time MANET data. This paper also proposes a novel three dimensional metric model which would be helpful for assessing the effectiveness of MANET networks.

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