Issues of the Organization of the Proper use of Agricultural Lands

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Rukhiddin Amirkulovich Turayev , Hulkaroy Kholmurod Kizi Tashbayeva , Ramziddin Najmiddinovich Sharopov , Sunnatilla Bakhtiyor Ugli Gaibberdiyev



This article discusses the role of agricultural land in Uzbekistan, issues of its use, continuous monitoring of agricultural land, accurate land accounting and showed changes in agricultural land over the years.

The territory of our country has rich natural landscapes, surface resources and great potential resources. The total area of the land fund of the Republic of Uzbekistan is 44.9 mln. per hectare. Currently, 9.7% (4315.7 thousand hectares) of the land fund is engaged in irrigated agriculture, about 2% (756.3 thousand hectares) of foothills, 47% (21128 thousand hectares) of steppe and semi-steppe pastures, 8 About% (3434 thousand hectares) are forests. In our country, the creation of a single system that ensures the efficient and targeted use of land resources, regulation of land relations, organization of land management and land monitoring, maintenance and increase of soil fertility, as well as the allocation and redistribution of land, especially in agriculture Ensuring economic development and transparency is one of the most important tasks, and it plays an important role in ensuring the sustainability and competitiveness of guaranteed products. The establishment of a roadmap to increase crop yields in agriculture will serve to address current issues in agriculture.

Since land is an important component of the environment, characterized by its latitude, relief, climate, soil layer, vegetation, groundwater, water, it is the main means of agricultural production, as well as the latitudinal basis of the location of all sectors of the economy. requires.

This, in turn, highlights the need for systematic and comprehensive monitoring of land.

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