Secure OTP Generated Hand Gesture Online Transaction Using CNN

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Anirudh Pratap Shukla , Srinidhi Siva , M. Safa


Online payment is a strategy where the transfer of asset or cash happens online over electronic asset move and it has acquired ubiquity in the new years as it made exchanges bother free. Be that as it may, alongside the expansion in its utilization, fraud cases likewise expanded. Fake exchanges cause colossal measure of misfortune for individuals and ending this is vital. To conquer this issue, we propose a face detection layer added to the exchange to get it. Face recognition and detection was perhaps in the main fields in the modern world applications. Face recognition is a framework that utilizes two sub-frameworks/system named as face detection and image database framework/system. Face recognition can be of feature based and image based. Feature based strategy utilizes the features like skin tone, eyes, nose and mouth etc., to identify and perceive human face while picture/image-based technique uses some pre-processed image collection for detection. This task executes the motion-based recognition for the transaction, which first discovers any face gesture the individual makes and afterward coordinates with it against the database to recognize the individual gesture which is pre-recorded in the bank database. Then, the detected human face from picture will be contrasted and the data set of training images to find a match. Hence, expanding security during on the online transaction.

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