Transformation of Islamic Values in the Pancasila Economic System

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Dewi Laela Hilyatin , Sugeng Riyadi , Abdul Basit


Pancasila is the identity of the Indonesian nation and the nation's perspective identifying its characteristics toward other nations in the world. Pancasila as an ideology, is very open to the contribution of universal virtues, including the fundamental values ​​of Islamic teachings.

Like a prism, Pancasila reflects vibrations of theology, humanity, unity, togetherness and social justice. This descriptive article that analyzes the transformation of Islamic values ​​in the Pancasila economic system through this literature study approach reveals the absorption power of the Indonesian nation towards the influence of the ideology of nationalism and mainstream religion and implements it endemically.

Pancasila is an incomplete inspiration to be interpreted according to the problems of the times. The practices of populist economy, cooperative institutions, systems of capital control and management of natural resources, and the anticipation of corruption behavior are the bases for the concentration of the Pancasila economic system.

This research has found that disparities due to the malpractice of the Pancasila economic system may occur when Pancasila values ​​and the universal doctrine of Islamic teachings are not implemented as a moral imperative for all citizens.

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