Qualitative Solutions for Enhancing Accounting Management Via Econometric Model - A Case in Food Processing Industry in Vietnam

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Hoang Thanh Hanh , Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy


Food processing industry in Vietnam has contributed much to GDP growth in general and agriculture sector in specific. Therefore we select LongAn Food Processing exporting company to build qualitative solutions for financial accounting management via an econometric model.

We mainly use combination of quantitative methods (statistics, calculation formulas) and qualitative methods including synthesis, inductive and explanatory methods and dialectical materialism methods.

The research findings tell us that due to negative correlation between administrative expense, sale cost and COGS and accounting net profit of LAF company, it would suggest that management need to control cost better, COGS better and reduce administrative cost to increase net profit.

Besides, this study also give out recommendations for enhancing accounting mangement policies at LongAn food processing exporting company in Vietnam.

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