Design of the Edge of Tehran (Northwest Edge in the Area of Kuhsar Park)

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Seyedeh Mahsa Shayesteh Sadeghian , Sara Jafari


The metropolitan area of Tehran has undergone various changes for a long time. The most important reasons for this have been multiple purposes over consecutive times to create an edge around Tehran. Once, the city's edge was defined with artificial elements, and a specific area was considered for it to provide security within the city. After a while, the issue of security was ignored, and the city started expanding rapidly. Today, we see that it has become a vast area from the southern slopes of Alborz to the central desert and covers an area of 642 square kilometers. The expansion of the city and the increase in population requires the critical issue of stopping this process by defining the boundaries, reducing the damage caused by it, and increasing the quality of life for the residents. This article attempts to make a new proposal to create an edge around Tehran that encloses the city like a ring within itself and acts as a joint between the inside of the city and the suburbs. The northern mountains of Tehran, which are the most critical and dominant natural edge, can provide the viewers with a day and night view of the city at a glance. Part of it has been selected as the intended site for design in the following article.

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