Visual Secret Sharing Scheme using Dual Block scrambling and DWT based Encryption on JPEG Images

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Muhammed Kabeer P , Ranju S. Kartha


Visual Secret sharing structure with the concept of two shares also names as transparencies. The host images generated the first share, then other share is randomly developed by the user, but here the user identity can be revealed very easily. So for improving the security and privacy  of the users, k-n sharing secret scheme can be used. It is a kind of visual cryptographic technique, where a minimum assembly of k out of the n shares are required to reveal the secret data. Visual cryptography allows the data (images, text, etc.) can be encrypted in a such way that the data received can be decrypted as a visual image. In this paper, the dual block scrambling-based encryption system is used for improving the security of  JPEG images. The proposed methodology uses encryption-then compression (EtC) schemes with DWT (Discrete wavelet transform) compression on JPEG images, enables the use of small block size through an untrusted channel. This technique is very useful in the banking sector where we need high secured banking application like locker system, in this situation multiple users can handle the same transaction. This structure is enhanced to improve the security counter to the various fraud attacks such as puzzle solver and brute-force attacks.

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