Occupational Health Hazards among Women Beedi Workers in Srivaikuntam Taluk of Thoothukudi District

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Dr.S.Henry Pandian, Dr.V.Duraisingh


Beedi companies in India employ more than 2.5 million workers.  Of them about 90 per cent of workers are women and children. The previous studies found that more than 70 per cent of the beedi workers suffered from eye, gastrointestinal and nervous problems,  respiratory problems, mostly throat burning and cough and astrological problems. From the study is it understood that the health hazards level is very high. Till this day the economic and health conditions of the beedi workers in Srivaikuntam taluk are very poor.  It is in this context the present survey is undertaken. This study concluded that after continuous beedi works by the women and exposure to tobacco, the skin on the beedi workers fingertips begins to thin, and they are unable to roll beedis by the age of 45. They have to resort to begging as they know no other trade or occupation. , Hence to rehabilitate a million of people in Tamilnadu this is the right time to implement the policy framework as a effective control measure to enhance the welfare of the women beedi rollers.

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