Perfromance Analysis Of Average Model Of Boost Converter Fed From Photo Voltaic Array Using Graphical Tool

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Ravi A, Shameema Sulthana J, Jasper Gnanachandran J, Daniel Sathyaraj J , Selvam N V


In This Work, DC-To-DC Boost Converter Topology Is Proposed And Validated. The Proposed Topology Is Incorporated The Solar PV Array.  This Paper Proposed A State Space Average Model Of Boost Converter Which Is Fed From Solar PV Array Also Circuit Model Of Boost Converter. This Paper Presents The Proposed Topology And A Detailed Analysis Of The Topology Using State Space Averaged Model And The Circuit Model In The Labview Simulation Environment. The Circuit Model Is Compared With State Space Model With Minimum Amount Of Voltage Tolerance. The Computation Time With Simulation Is Very Much Faster Than The Circuitry Model Time Of The State. An Experimental Verification Model Has Also Been Constructed To Validate The Proposed Idea And The Observations Are Presented Herein. All Studies Have Been Carried Out In The Open Loop Configuration.

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