Impacts of Television Advertisement on the Buying Behaviour of Women and Youngsters

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S. Shalini Maher


The significance of advertisement is magnificently high in the present scenario since it owns the capacity of controlling the buying behaviour of human beings and promoting the products in a wider range. The role of mass media and print media in the field of advertisement is remarkable, in which the television and newspaper are holding the influential nerves of people in day to day life. In the world of marketing, advertisement acts as a bridge between the manufacturers and customers, which assists in achieving the target of selling products and popularizing the brand among the people. In this present work, a case study is carried out to measure the impact of advertisement, which includes set of 300 women and 300 youngsters. A questionnaire is given to the selected people and the data are collected from their answers, through which it is clearly noticed that the advertisements have extraordinarily influenced the people to buy the product. The time, money and effort of people in buying a product simply after watching the advertisement decide the range of impact. The impact ratio varies by certain factors like age, gender, educational level, occupation, frequency of watching the advertisement, etc., which are evidently examined in this study and the results are validated through a comparative analysis.

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