Performance Of Pd, Pod And Apod Based Modular Multilevel Converter For Single Phase Grid Connected Pv System

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Praveena K , Dr. Katragadda Swarnasri


A Control Method Is Proposed In This Work Whichpermits The Extrication Of Maximum Power From Each Individual Pvarraylinked To The Five Level Modular Multilevel Converter (Mmc) And Feedbalanced Power To The Ac Grid. In Five Level Mmc, The Pv Arrayis Directly Linked To Half Bridge Sub Module (Sm) And It Does Not Need Additional Dc-Dc Converters For Mppt. Comparatively Mmc Based  Half Bridge Sm Is Superior Than Full Bridge Sm Because The Power Loss And Cost Of Mmc Based Half Bridge Sm Is Lesser Than Full Bridge Sm. Depending On The Switching Modes Of , The Output Voltage Of Half-Bridge Sm Is Either Equal To Its Capacitor Voltage Or Zero. Various Multicarrier Modulation Techniques Such As Phase Disposition(Pd), Phase Opposition Disposition (Pod) And Alternate Phase Opposition Disposition (Apod) Are Used To Control Mmc Which Reduces Switching Losses And Thd Of Ac Side Voltages. This Proposed Work Aims To Bring Out The Paramount Technique Among The Above Mentioned Techniques By Comparing All Of Them. The Voltage Obtained In Proposed Converter Is Fed To Single Phase Grid Through Single Phase Voltage Source Inverter. Artificial Neural Network (Ann) Is Used To Control The Grid Power And The Output Of Ann Is Fed To Multicarrier Pd, Pod And Apod That Compares Reference Signal With These Carrier Signals Achieves Grid Synchronization. Thus It Reduces Total Harmonic Distortion.

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