Research on Automatic text summarization techniques: a survey

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G.Prathap, Dr.Rathina Sabapathy


Automatic text summarization is a technique where it produces automatically a text summary with only the important points. Text plays a very important role in everyday life. Everywhere there is a communication through text, it may vary from small text to large text. When the sender sends the short text it is easy for the receiver to read it, incase if the sender side text is more it is difficult to read the summary. And there is no guarantee that everyone will read the content in that text. But how to transfer the important information to the receiver side is a technique that has evolved as text summarization. The large text is summarized into small with only important points. So many researches are happening in this novel endeavor because of the popularity of the communication through text. Here in our review paper we have shown some of the concepts of the text summarization, techniques and usage of this, and the impacts of this in today’s world.

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