A study on key factors for improving medical service based on big data

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Chong Hyung Lee


Background/Objectives: This study identifies the key factors that enhance medical service by analyzing keywords of 761 papers registered in the Research Information Sharing Service(RISS) until 2019 in South Korea.

Methods/Statistical analysis: Web crawling was performed based on Python to collect academic papers whose title or keywords include “medical service” among papers registered in RISS. Also, text mining, social network analysis, centrality analysis, and topic modeling were applied as big data analysis methods, and R 4.0.2, UCINET 6.7, and NetDraw 2.172 were used as software for analysis.

Findings: Among the 3,175 keywords obtained as a result of text mining, keywords such as “Medical service”, “Customer satisfaction”, “Medical service quality”, “Reuse intention”, “Healthcare service”, “Medical service value”, “Medical tourism”, “Emergency medical service”, “Medical service use”, “Loyalty”, “Reliability”, and “Telemedicine” were obtained at a high frequency of occurrence. A social network was derived based on 40 core keywords obtained from text mining, and there was a strong connection between “Customer satisfaction - Medical service quality”, “Medical service - Customer satisfaction”, “Customer satisfaction - Reuse intention”, “Medical value quality - Reuse intention”, “Customer satisfaction - Medical service value”. Five topics such as “Reuse and recommendation intention”, “Telemedicine & u-Healthcare”, “Medical service accessibility”, “Satisfaction management”, and “Medical tourism” were obtained as critical topics representing the obtained keywords. The topic “Reuse and recommendation intention” with the highest proportion among the five topics indicates that there is a high quality of the relationship between the consumer and service provider when the consumers are delighted and confident in the service provider’s service.

Improvements/Applications: Based on the big data analysis method, the key factors of medical service improvement and the relationship between factors were presented. It can be used as fundamental data in attempts to enhance medical services.

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