A Study on Real-time voice information equipment and management system research in smart office environment

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Hee Chul Kim


Background/Objectives: This paper aims to “develop voice information protection equipment and management system in smart office environment” to prevent voice recording and leakage in the most advanced device environment.

Methods/Statistical analysis: The operation status of the voice information protection equipment is monitored and the noise output strength of each port is displayed in the independent voice-like noise for each output port in the proposed 20 Hz ~ 20 KHz frequency range. We would like to propose a management system linkage function and monitoring system in the master volume and volume display window such as equalizer control.Findings: In this study, a management system application for voice recording prevention was proposed. Through this system, when a failure occurs, alarm and warning functions, equipment operation status, failure-related status and report output are possible. By supporting the monitoring function of the speaker and the voice leakage prevention vibrator in the recording prevention function, social conflicts about voice recording can be resolved.Improvements/Applications: The management system of the voice information protection equipment monitors the condition of the equipment, whether the vibrator and speaker normally operate in real time, and allows the administrator to easily control each function.

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