The analysis of the correlation between non-technical innovation and appropriation and management performance of small company

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Jin Choi


Background/Objectives: This study attempted to conduct an empirical analysis on how appropriation other than non-technical innovation affects the business performance of a company. Methods/Statistical analysis: Regression using the data of '2018 Korean Business Innovation Survey: Manufacturing Sector' of the Institute for Science and Technology Policy as analysis data. As a result of hypothesis verification through analysis. Findings: It was verified through empirical analysis that non-technical innovation affects management performance, appropriation is affected by non-technical innovation, and mediating factors act between the business performance of a company. It was judged that it could be a meaningful study to study non-technical innovation and appropriation for non-technical innovation, which has been discussed recently, and as a practical implication, it is important to determine the improvement of corporate management by securing appropriation. Companies need to establish strategies to secure appropriation. Improvements/Applications: The limitations of this study were limited to non-technical innovation and research on appropriation, and it was concluded that it is possible to develop a research that affects the business performance of a company through various variables for future research.

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