Influence of consultant job competency and CRM on partnership

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Gowangwoo Park, Seok Kee Lee


     Increasing use and utilization of easy GUI-based big data analysis tools such as Python as well as Rapider Miner, and through the development of AI technology that is accessible and usable in real business environments, companies can provide not only their business models but also product services. In order to succeed, if you do not learn and respond to the foundational technologies and services of the 4th industry, which are rapidly changing, there are many situations where it is difficult to be eliminated in a rapidly changing environment or to win competition. In order to cope with these difficult and professional changes in the environment, the demand for consultants who can objectively analyze their services and products from outside and consult with them according to the changing environment is gradually increasing and their importance. It can be said that it is also growing. This study empirically analyzed through statistical method that the consultant job competency and customer relationship management competency that the consultant should have in accordance with these rapidly changing environmental changes have a positive effect on the long-term partnership, and the emotional empathy ability mediates it. Through such research, we intend to contribute to making the actual consulting performance meaningful by thinking once more about the consulting ability that the consultant will continue and develop.

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