Analysis of the correlation between satisfaction and dissatisfaction with the use of experimental (practice) teaching aids and purchase motivation: targeting middle and high school teachers in Korea

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Ig-Hyeng Cho , Seok Kee Lee


Background/Objectives: In the era of the 4th industrial revolution, an education which looks at problems from a new perspective is necessary, and it is the ETA that is able to give more attention to that. This study seeks to identify what teachers are satisfied with when choosing and using ETA.

Methods: ETA was classified 4 variables first. A frequency analysis was conducted to confirm the characteristics of the sample, and then through an exploratory factor analysis, it was reviewed whether the measurement tool is appropriate for the purpose. In addition, a reliability test was also conducted to confirm the internal consistency between factors, and finally a multiple regression analysis was done to test the hypothesis.

Findings: ETA's self-quality is considered to be significant in the satisfaction level of teachers who used the teaching tools. However, among the data presented, it was found that the economic part is not significant and was excluded from the factor analysis. In addition, ETA's support quality, which did not exist in the previous studies, is also insignificant for teachers’ satisfaction. Educational suitability was determined to be significant for teachers’ satisfaction. This means that teachers preferred to select teaching tools suitable for the curriculum and education purpose, and was even satisfied after using such teaching tools. Through this study, the satisfaction of teachers is anticipated to increase if the self-quality and educational suitability of the teaching tools were considered as the top priority in the selection of teaching tool that will be used in class. Furthermore, in the development of the products, the manufacturers of these teaching tools need to put emphasis on the quality and suitability for educational curriculum, even though this may incur an additional cost.

Improvements/Applications: The part about economics found to be not significant has implications. This means that unlike the general market, the uniqueness of the ETA market must be considered. Therefore, research is needed to confirm the specificity of the ETA market.

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