A study on shopping propensity for overseas direct-buying consumers to establish online marketing strategies for domestic SME

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Mi-ra Park, Yen-yoo You


Background/Objectives:  In addition to the growth of the overseas direct-buying market, the use of online shopping malls has exploded due to the impact of COVID-19. Researched by grasping the shopping tendency of online consumers.

Methods/Statistical analysis: In this study, research hypotheses and models were established based on previous studies, and independent variables were set as practical value and pleasure value, as parameters were product attributes and price attributes, and dependent variables were set as shopping pleasure and purchase intention. Data was collected through questionnaires, and a confirmatory factor analysis was conducted to secure validity and reliability. Data were analyzed using AMOS 22.0.

Findings: The results of this study confirmed that consumers' practical value propensity and pleasure value propensity have a significant effect on the diversity of products, the value of product ownership, and price advantage, and have a significant effect on the enjoyment of shopping and purchase intention. However, it was found that the scarcity of products was not affected by all propensities of consumers, and the purchase intention was not affected. It was confirmed that even if the values ​​sought by consumers are different, both functional and economic benefits are important.

Improvements/Applications: It will be an important resource for many SMEs to establish online marketing strategies by paying attention to the relationship that the consumer's shopping propensity influences on the enjoyment of shopping and purchase intention.


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