The Effects of College Students' Violence Exposure Experience and Social Support on Dating Violence

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Young-Joo Lee


Background/Objectives:  This study attempted to find out how college students' experiences of exposure to domestic violence and social support affect dating violence.

Methods/Statistical analysis: Multiple regression analysis was conducted to confirm the effects of domestic violence exposure experience and social support on dating violence. In addition, exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factor analysis were conducted to confirm the validity of the scale, and intra-item correspondence was verified to confirm the reliability.

Findings: first, it was found that sexual dating violence behavior in the process of dating is affected by physical violence exposure at home. In addition, it was found that those exposed to physical violence at home actually exhibited physical violent behavior in the process of heterosexual intercourse, and those exposed to psychological violence at home actually exhibited psychological violent behavior. Second, as a result of examining how the experience of domestic violence exposure affects dating violence according to social support types, the higher the emotional support at home, the lower the dating violence experience.

Improvements/Applications:  Based on the results of the study, it was confirmed that the experience of exposure to violence also affects heterosexuality, and emotional support in the home is especially important. The research results will be able to prepare academic basic data when developing a program for the formation of healthy heterosexual relationships among college students, and it is expected that data will be helpful in preventing violence damage and counseling victims.t

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