Dynamics of CSR in Saudi Arabia Telecom Sector

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Adel Abdullah Salem Basuliman , Kinslin Devaraj


With the introduction of emerging technology and the development of social revenue opportunities, the worldwide telecoms sector has grown greatly in recent years. The telecoms industry began to grow in Saudi Arabia in 2003, shortly just after modernization. Saudi Arabia has constructed an increasingly competitive telecommunications industry with both the advent of foreign direct investment and government assistance. In today's dynamic world, things that were justifiable years ago have been brought into question—this same transformation from legislation to morality. And ethics is the only concern also on the opinion of everyone. An earlier company had lived with shareholder interest, i.e., shareholder income. Nowadays, the scenario is changing, as well as the significance of stakeholders is focused on more businesses. Empirical research indicates that these corporations had also profited from the value of stakeholders. The change entails corporate social responsibility for companies as well. The objectives of this research are to give an overview of the essence of the CSR practices of Saudi Arabia regarding the telecom sector. In specific, this examines the role and range of the practices carried out by telecom sectors regards to their corporate social responsibility even if the new CSR strategy can mitigate these critical challenges. Such businesses analyze the spending on CSR utilizing the material analysis to evaluate CSR practices and developments.

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