Strategies Followed by Event Management Organization

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R. Allen , M. Sulaipher


Humans are the responsible for the development and improvement of the events and which growing with the development of humankind. These events are considered as a part of human culture, social environment of the society and environment of the business of mankind. The services for the events are provided by providers these are crucial, thus the programs can be explained. The event management systems that provide different kinds of facilities, that should be completely satisfied by the customers. The participants gratification were important for an event, which includes venue of the event, design, flow of the management system, volunteers to guide the different departments of the event and assessing the quality of different task, interaction of customers. Different kinds of customers should visit an organization, they will introduce a fresh events, so that they have to create a fresh event or to transform the actual event. To contribute feasible instruments two kinds of quantitative researches have been placed, for the communication of organization with stakeholders the primary quantitative research was placed. The secondary research was placed for participants in any kind of the program.

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